The Ojai Energetics Elixir water-soluble CBD products are made with only certified organic ingredients compared to other water-soluble products on the market that use nano-synthetic or synthetically modified compounds. They can be substantially less bioavailable as a liposome and can be cost-prohibitive while a large amount could still be required to reach an effective dosage. Other types of water-soluble CBD products can take at least 15 minutes, if not more, to start to produce results. Ojai Elixir will not only enter your body more quickly, but because of its significantly higher bioavailability, you get more out of each drop than with other products. You get all of what you paid for.

Ojai Energetics Elixir has a high bioavailability compared to fat-soluble formulas of which most of what is taken passes unabsorbed. An average of 6-10% of fat-soluble CBD formulations can be absorbed by the body. Some studies have shown consuming 500mg of fat-soluble formulations is the minimum required to have effective results. The Ojai Elixir patented, and certified organic water-soluble colloid system enables users to obtain effective dosages with a fraction of the amount needed with other products. Ojai Energetics Elixir delivers real, fast-acting, and noticeable results with much greater value over the competition.

Ojai Energetics full spectrum Hemp Elixir is loaded with some of nature’s most powerful superfoods, like moringa and acerola cherry. These combined with the hemp seed oil to provide CBD oil drops that let you take advantage of various natural compounds. At Ojai Energetics, they love the earth and Mother Nature, and their label and reusable CBD tincture is eco-friendly and made in the USA. Get ready to start using the best, most powerful, and cleanest water-soluble CBD on the planet.

Please note: CBD can act like grapefruit so please talk to your healthcare practitioner if you are taking medication that says not to take with grapefruit. For those using insulin, please monitor blood sugar levels before the use of insulin after taking out products, as CBD promotes healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.

Ingredients: Water, CBD extract(250mg), moringa, acerola cherry, certified organic vegetable glycerin, certified organic Quilaja extract.


Dispense a 1/4 of the oil in the dropper under your tongue and take note of how the CBD oil tastes. Continue to administer 1/4 of the CBD in the dropper under your tongue until the bitter taste starts to become sweet, like honey.

Continue one drop at a time until it tastes 100% sweet like honey, and then stop. If everywhere except the back sides of the tongue are sweet, stop.

You have now taken the perfect dosage of CBD oil for your body for that particular day. If, after five minutes, you still desire additional effects, please repeat these steps.

Weight 6 oz